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Gym Lab is the ultimate gym disinfectant that is ready to shake up and transform the ever-expanding fitness industry as we know it. The multipurpose, eucalyptus based formula has been scientifically proven to kill 99.9% of germs, while eliminating unpleasant odours, deodorising and disinfecting. Designed for use on all gym equipment, non-washable gear and surfaces, and perfect for all those hard to reach places.

Gym Lab’s origins come from a concern for the environment and the endless amount of wipes and paper towels being used to disinfect gyms, clogging up drainage systems and harming the environment. There has to be a simpler and more efficient way. That’s where Gym Lab comes in. Although it is proper gym etiquette, most members don’t sanitise equipment between uses, and nor do gym employees.

The unfortunate truth is that the simple sharing of yoga mats, exercise mats, cardiovascular machines and weight training equipment provides germs the opportunity to travel from person to person. Anytime there are lots of people sweating on gym equipment it creates an environment which is a playground for germs and bacteria, putting your health and immune system at risk. Researchers have proven that equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes and free weights have more than 1 million per square inch of bacteria alone — making it dirtier than a toilet seat.

We wanted to develop a gym disinfectant derived from eucalyptus for its natural anti-bacterial properties, as a convenient, efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to paper towels and harmful wipes.

it Does

Gym Lab is a disinfectant  spray for athletic gear and equipment that kills 99.9% of bacteria eliminating odors in 30 seconds. Not only does Gym Lab kill germs on gym equipment, it also works great on shoes, cleats, gym bags and equipment bags, protective gear, boxing and MMA equipment and yoga mats.

What it Does | Gym Lab
Who is it for | Gym Lab

is it For

Gym Lab has been developed with gym members and gym staff in mind, but it also has become an invaluable product for physiotherapists, chiropractors, doctors offices, kids sporting clubs and more.

to Use

Gym Lab is easy to use. Just spray it on all athletic equipment, locker rooms, mats, free weights, restrooms and high-touch surfaces in your facility and let it dry. It can be applied on:

  • Non-Porous Hard Surfaces, Training Tables & Benches
  • Weight Room & Exercise Seats, Bars & Handle
  • Helmets, Shoulder Pads, Head Gear, Gloves & Protective Equipment
  • Non-Washable Personal Equipment, Protective Sleeves, Weight Belts, Gloves & Mats
  • Shoes, Skates & Cleats
  • Gym Bags / Travel Bags
  • Athletic Lockers & Storage Areas
  • Counters and desks

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It’s Necessary
to Have

Gym equipment in particular is a breeding ground for bacteria. Machines are used by multiple people and gym rooms are generally a warm environment – both of which increase the likelihood that germs are lingering on items. The spread of germs through contact with equipment is a serious health concern. Oil and dirt left behind by users also can interfere with sensors that track heart rate and other stats as well as cause deterioration of equipment padding. When multiple people use the same equipment within a confined space, diseases spread easily if equipment isn’t properly disinfected.