Product Information

Gym Lab is a multipurpose gym spray that disinfects and deodorises all gym equipment, gear, accessories and surfaces. It helps to protect from germs by killing 99.9% of bacteria present, whilst also leaving a fresh and light eucalyptus fragrance that is completely natural and known for its excellent disinfecting properties. Gym Lab is easy to use and leaves all surfaces hygienically clean and streak free through its surface acting agents, which effectively clean and deodorise.

Gym Lab has been designed to simply spray equipment or desired surface, which dries in 30 seconds, no wiping, or paper towels are necessary.

Gym Lab kills germs within 30 seconds, when the solution dries.

Spray 15-20cm away from desired surface until covered. Wait 30 seconds for solution to dry.

We recommend every time you use equipment or gear. The more diligent you are with cleaning gym equipment, the more protected you will be against hidden germs. For personal gear such as shoes, bags, gloves etc. we recommend disinfecting after use, so that they don’t smell of sweat when you next use them!

Gym Lab has undergone extensive testing and we can confirm that our product destroys 99.9% of germs and bacteria within 30 seconds.